What’s Myxer Radio?

Myxer is a online streaming internet radio company which was launched in the year 2005. Myxer is actually the only company to offer a free online service which allows users to fine tune their own music tastes by song and artist; Which is basically a listener controlled internet radio. Apart from offering free access to over 20 million songs/tracks, Myxer also offers access to a huge catalog of freely downloadable content. Myxer is available on the mobile web, web, and specialized apps for both Android and iOS.

What’s Myxer Radio?
Myxer Radio
Myxer Radio, also known as, Myxer Social Radio can be described as a friend focused, social internet radio application for smartphones, iPad, iPhone and is now available on Android. The app lets users listen to music/songs with their friends over the internet. One can create some music listening rooms and share with friends, or can join a friend’s music listening room. In addition, simultaneous chat and music listening is available. Myxer Radio was officially launched in the year 2011, and has since allowed users to freely share their music experience by creating, listening and streaming their own personalized music, while at the same time chatting with friends via web or on mobile device.

Myxer Social Radio basically lets users create music listening rooms with free access to over 20 million songs, and invite their Facebook friends to chat and listen in real time. Myxer Radio uses the user’s Facebook account(s) to share the user’s listening habits with their friends, and also allows the user to see what their friends are currently listening to. One can also easily share individual albums or tracks on Facebook using the Myxer’s library. Well, if you got a Facebook account, there is no need to create an account or learn a new password. You can simply use “Facebook Connect” to login to the Myxer Radio. This service is absolutely free without any monthly subscription. Myxer Radio is available on web at the myxer.fm site, and can also be downloaded for free in Android Market.

Myxer Radio also includes great features like video song stories and music chat. In the year 2012, Myxer Radio service won 2012’s MTV Music Award, for the Most addictive social radio. Myxer radio consolidated new Internet/web radio features like song and artist control, along with great downloadable content, all into one web/internet service. One can also listen to Myxer’s streaming music alone. There are some featured rooms which will get you started. The song’s can be given thumbs up, thumbs down or skipped. Visitors of a music room can influence music by voting on the songs, and the playlist evolves based on the tastes and mood of the present guests. However it’ll not automatically change the genre. Users can also easily sync in real time with their particular Facebook friends who are listening to music on Myxer radio, and can quickly jump into a Facebook friend’s room at any given time. The user can also invite friends to join their music room via friend request.

Benefits of Using Myxer Radio

– You can access to over 20 million songs/tracks free of charge.
– You can design your very own custom radio stations by choosing what you wish to listen to.
– You can listen to radio stations that have been created by other Myxer users.
– You can download free ringtones, or create your very own with songs/tracks from your Myxer Music library, or the huge Myxer catalog.
– It has a richly featured user interface with a brilliant stylish design.
– You can share content with friends online via Facebook, email, Twitter, and even text message.